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"Wirion Embolic Protection Device"

The WIRION Protection System is a temporary embolic protection device that provides filtration distally from the site of intervention. The device is disposable and sterile, consisting of a filter pre-loaded on a RX Catheter delivery system,  which can be used with all commercially available 0.014" guidewires.
After the selected guide is correctly positioned in the target vessel, the filter is positioned, locked and released on the guide in any position along the vessel, at the physician's discretion, while providing optimal side branch protection without compromising wire support and stability, in minimally-invasive interventional procedures.

At the end of the procedure,  the Retrieval Catheter, with its conic soft tip, is introduced over the wire, smoothly advancing and crossing the stented area, especially in challenging anatomies and extreme situations often encountered with challenging stent designs e.g. open cell design. Once the filter site is reached, a slide handle at the catheter’s proximal end allows retraction of the filter into the catheter body, followed by standard filter retrieving.