AMS - Advanced Medical Supplies Spa

In 1992, Advanced Medical Supplies S.p.A. (AMS) was established to continue importing and exclusively distributing in Italy some of the most prestigious and successful medical devices, which were formerly distributed by AMS’s business associates, Tecnosan, Cardiotec, and Medical Devices Italy.

Today, AMS incorporates the accumulated experience of more than sixty years in the Italian Healthcare sector, and has over time maintained the respect and appreciation of both Manufacturers and Customers for the highly reliable and ethical business operations.

We are committed to pursuing, and to market, the latest and most innovative technologies developed in the International Healthcare Market. Presently, we are distributing medical devices in these medical fields:
Interventional Cardiology and Radiology
Neurosurgery and Neuroradiology
Cellular Regenerative Materials and Technologies
Vascular surgery and Phlebology
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Orthopedic, Urological, Cryoablation, Biopsy and Imaging
AMS’s marketing team is promoting the products directly to the physicians and the nursing/technical staff, and provides the required high level clinical and technical support. AMS’s sales force includes regional Agents and Dealers, who work closely with both the End-Users and the Administrators in the respective Public Hospitals and Private Clinics to provide the best possible customer service.

AMS’s longstanding success is related to the importance attributed to the human resources, and employees and associated sales representatives participate in ongoing training programs, such as marketing and sales strategies and technical-scientific product up-dates. 


“Our mission is to distribute high quality Medical Devices, and to provide the highest level of Customer Service to the Italian Medical Community”.
We search for the most innovative and high quality medical devices, based on the fact that the Patients’ safety and wellbeing is the primary concern on everyone’s mind. The reliability and the performance of a medical device is of vital importance to the optimal outcome of any medical procedure.

AMS strives to constantly improve the ways in which we serve our Customers as their contentment is the only avenue for our success. By listening to the concerns and needs of Physicians and Nursing Staff, we are able to search for new and improved devices, in the effort to make even the most established of medical procedures safer and more effective for the Patients.

AMS’s determination to exclusively represent products meeting the most stringent standards has been a contributing factor in making us a leader in the Italian market of Medical Devices.

AMS holds the ISO 9001-2000 #IT 1006, which guaranties and certifies our Quality System as a Medical Device Distributor in the Italian Healthcare Market. The ISO 9001 Certification is a pre-requisite for the participation in Public Hospital Tenders.


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AMS is located in the oldest Republic in the world, San Marino, and the relative central position on the Italian Peninsula makes San Marino the ideal location for marketing and distribution purposes. 

The headquarters and the offices are located in the Republic of San Marino, via Fondo Ausa 44/C, Dogana E5, 47891 (RSM)